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>Speedster Part Duh Range Testing

>Went on quite a drive today. Everyone is concerned about the range of electric cars and fear it will be insufficient. At least when test driving, it is MORE than sufficient. It was again unseasonably warm, and two hours in … Continue reading

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>Duane Ball’s Spyder 550

>This week is a fairly short show. We mostly feature Duane Ball’s Electric Beck Spyder 550 build. Built by Scott Smith in New York state, this car features many of the components in our own Speedster Part Duh prototype. It … Continue reading

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>Life in LiFePo4 – Cycle Life and Attenuation Data

>Kind of a late blog entry. Busy week with Rickard Electric Speedster design. The May 28th show rounded up a lot of little parts such as the accelerator – with a little valet function box I refer to as “daughter … Continue reading

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