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>Turkey Day and Spyder 550 Battery Balance

>Well, it’s the week of Turkey Day, and as one of the larger and less flight prone Turkeys in the area, a time that always makes me uneasy. Actually, both my wife and I are excellent cooks, accounting for my … Continue reading

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>Copy This Linc (Volt).

>Interesting week. We had a visit from Wayne Alexander of EV-Blue Conversions in Walton Kansas. We had a great time talking, which he does love to do, and I may have overrun my budget of time for him on the … Continue reading

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>Itsy, Bitsy, Spyder 550 and Battery Balance Myths

>In this week’s episode, we assemble new mounts for the 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman drive train – somewhat colorfully. We also wrap up our Vantage Green Van Battery Makeover. We have thrown out 775 lbs of AGM lead acid batteries … Continue reading

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>The Perfect Storm

> This week, we received a copy of a new JD Power and Associates study on the adoption of Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles. Note that they do make an appropriate distinction. The Study is subtitled More Hope than Reality, … Continue reading

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