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>Over the Top Porsche 356 Speedster Redux

> We’re getting a little carried away here. The addition of Matthew Hauber to the team has given us some mechanical expertise we’ve just never really had before. And that has given us some opportunities – not on anything particularly … Continue reading

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>It Just Keeps Getting Worse…

>The BMS/Charger thing has actually got me in a rage these days. The stupidity and greed are palpable in the air. But it is not innocent stupidity and greed. It is probably the most damaging thing being done today in … Continue reading

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>Starting All Over Again

>It’s December in Missouri. We endure short, dark, cold days now with ghostly winds and a heavy dampness. It is notably wretched. The problem with global warming is that it means different things to different people. Climate change is mostly … Continue reading

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>Green Envy and Carbon Footprint

>YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS. This from viewer and Speedster Electric builder Eric Kriss: Brain and I are practicing our diction and enunciations so we can sound just like our superheroes, GREEN ENVY and CARBON FOOTPRINT. Jack Rickard

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>A Personal Correspondence – Now Shared

>Dear Mr. Jack, First I want to tell you that I am a big fan and I watched all your episodes and I really enjoy what you are doing.I live in Serbia, I just graduated from college and the thesis … Continue reading

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>2009 Mini Cooper Clubman Electric and the Rinehart Motion Systems Controller

>This week, we kind of sort of wrapped up the Mini Cooper Clubman and are now driving it. Which is quite fortunate in that it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning – a bit brisk. Cape Girardeau Missouri is … Continue reading

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>What HE Said. What I said.

>I ran across a very interesting video courtesy of viewer Brandon Hollinger Brandon has done a lead acid conversion of a 1970 Saab 96 that looks quite well done for a Pb car. And he’s started a LiFePo4 Miata … Continue reading

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